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Technological solutions against Non-Consensual Pornography

Find out who we are!

1. HelpTechnological and scientific support to projects

PermessoNegato is a non-profit social advocacy organization that provides technological support to victims of Non-Consensual Pornography and online violence and hate attacks.

We develop and apply technologies, strategies and policies for the non-proliferation of Non-Consensual Pornography (also known as NCII and "Revenge Porn") and other forms of online violence and hatred, through identification, reporting and removal of content from major online platforms.
We provide strategic and educational support to those who promote policies and laws to protect the victims of NCII attacks, Revenge Porn or other forms of online violence and hatred.

2. WhatWhat can we do for you

If you are a victim of Non-Consensual Pornography PermessoNegato can help you:

  • In reporting to platforms
  • In preventing the online upload of content
  • In removal of content post-reporting
  • We do not provide psychological support but we can pint you pro-bono realities

To associations or companies we offer:
  • Access to contrast Tools and Technologies
  • Monitoring and reporting services
  • Support with a Scientific Team
To institutional/governmental bodies or educational initiatives we offer:
  • Support in Educational Processes
  • Support in Policy Writing

3. WhoProfessionals, associations and companies together

PermessoNegato was born from the encounter of decades of experience in Non-Consensual Pornography problems:

  • Security and Reputation Experts
  • Process and Caring Experts
  • Lawyers (Technology and Digital Rights)
Not only that, but by our side:
  • Facebook Inc. which co-financed the Association
  • Numerous Associations and Partners

4. PeopleAn interdisciplinary team

PermessoNegato is born from the meeting of professionals who are leaders in their field and who collaborate in the research and creation of contrast actions for digital hate.
The foundeing members Team includes:

  • Matteo Flora » Adj. Professor in Digital Reputation
  • Gaia Rizzato » People Management Expert
  • Claudio Canavese » Digital Self-defence Teacher
  • Lucia Maggi » Intellectual Property Lawyer
  • Nicole Monte » Technology Lawyer
  • Silvia Perfigli » Digital Self-defence Teacher
  • Giuseppe Vaciago » Technology Lawyer
Participation in the association is free and encouraged if in line with the association's aims!

5. PartnerThe Partners who make this possible

PermessoNegato could not have been a reality without the help and support of our Partners.
Technical Partners of the Association:

Silver Sponsors of the Association: A special thanks to Major Donors:
  • Meta Platforms Inc.
  • Google Inc.

6. ReportsThe latest data on the Revenge phenomenon in Italy

The research activity of PermessoNegato related to Non Consensual Pornography is continuous. At regular intervals, we offer data and reflections on the trend of the phenomenon. Published Reports.

For information and press contacts on the data and dimensions of the phenomenon, please contact [email protected] .

Contact us!We're here to help you!

We are mainly reachable from our Facebook page, but also with the interactive contact box at the bottom of this page and the links you can activate here:

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If you are a journalist, a company or a researcher who wants to contact us for information, please do not use the help-line but send an email to [email protected].